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2 Systems of Teenage depression and the possible way out 2


Depression on the side of teenage, which is the predominant  cause of illness and disability for both boys and girls aged 10 and 19 year, according to research by World Health Organization(WHO)  is on the rise primarily  due to  the break of marriages, parental divorce or separation, the death of love one, physical and sexual abuse, a serious accident that leads to ill health and disability and state of single parents prevalent in the world today.

When a teenage is depressed, he or she lose motivation to do anything  useful  to others and his or herself. Things that ordinarily  would love to do, turns unpleasant to do. Suddenly, drowsiness leading to sleep creeps in. He or feels worthless to himself and others, unlovable and relative burden to others and the parents, especially.

A highly depressed teenage may resolve to commit suicide . He or she no longer care for others, life, his or  herself as anything important. He or she may want to just end it all by means of suicide. To a depressed teenage, it is like being stocked in a deep, dark hole , suffocating to  death. Almost, always losing your mind and not really sure of whom you are. It is like the whole world is against you and ready to fall on you.

Several destructive symptoms  is associated with depression. Prominent among which are changes in sleep patterns, appetite and weight. Feeling of hopelessness, despair , worthlessness and sadness. Sudden social withdrawal , difficulty in remembering and concentrating. Various suicidal thoughts and actions, with attendant  medically unexplained symptoms, mostly  associated mental health .

However, research has shown that sometimes, depression occur as hereditary. Depression sometimes runs in a families, which suggests that genetics can play a role, maybe affecting chemical activities in the brain. Another physical risk factors include cardiovascular disease and changing hormone levels . Again, the ongoing substance abuse intensify depression.

Another possible causes of depression is an excessive or chronic stress can be physically and psychologically harmful. In most cases, the latter factor plunges a susceptible or biologically vulnerable, teen into depression.

The victim depression can adopt some healthy life style to help recover. Try and eat the right food and get sufficient sleep, then exercise regularly. When you exercise regularly, you release chemicals that can lift your mood, improve your sleep and increase your energy. Confide in some one you trust, perhaps your father or mother about your fear and worries.


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