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How to find Direct Advertiser for your blog

We have many ways and methods to make cool money from  blogs and websites without actually engaging ad net working like Google  ad sense, chitika and many  other ad networking for that matter. You can even decide not to use affiliate products on your blog/website.

Before I proceed let me  clear the air that engaging ad networking is very good, especially for the newbie and those  bloggers with other serious and time consuming offline jobs.

For example, if you look around my website you will see banners of ad network on my site.  The reason is simple, those who knows me in person will confirm to you that am a very busy person offline. Read more


Explaining the key terms of Google analytics in details: Revenue per thousand (RPM), Cost-per-thousand (CTM), Cost-per-click (CPC), and Click through rate (CTR).

For you to understand the topic very well, I have to explain some basic terms so that when reading on, you will not find it too difficult to understand.
Now lets go:
1. Click: Click simply mean the number of times an ad was clicked on in the given reporting period.
2. Impression: An impression is a terms used when a user views of a particular item on your website . This means that the user may either view a page, and ad unit, or an individual ad. As a result, the three classification of impression are: page view, page impression and ad impression.
3. Page View: Now a page view is reported every time a user views a page displaying Google ads in it. The logic is there is that only one page views is counted at a time, irrespective of the number of ads displayed on that particular page. Lets take some figures and sight some examples: Lets assumed that four ad units and it is visited three times, then only three page views is counted.
4. Page Impression: The generation of page impression occurs every time a user views a page displaying Google ads. Remember that a page might contain more than one Google ads. Consequently, ad units impressions are calculated separately, although, somehow, for Google ad sense, page view and page impression appears to be too similar.
5. Ad Impression: In this case, an ad impression is reported whenever an individual ad is displayed on your website. Take another good example, if one page that contains five ad units is viewed four times, then you have four page impressions calculated thus: 20(5×4) ad unit impressions.
6. Query: This term query is a request made any time to Google’s system to display an ad unit. Read more

How to get traffic from USA and UK through Google Webmaster Tool

Over the years an average blogger was just blogging to show case the knowledge to the world.
By and large, the idea to make profit from blogging, at least to upset website hosting and registration  cropped up. Thus to drive traffic so as to maximize profit, because the more visitors you have the more traffic you get and the more traffic you get the more money you make.
As a blogger, you will agree with me that content is, and remains the king any where any time.
Hence, where to get traffic from becomes the center of concern to every blogger.
I have read from my fellow bloggers about where and how to get traffic. I must say that if really you  want to be successful in your blogging career ( if you are a full time blogger) in general and traffic driving to your website in particular, originality is still the answer.
People that would want to visit your website from USA, UK or any other part of the world , either through search engine, or recommendation are coming for solution. If they get it, of course they will recommend people from any part of the world to visit your site, that is one point. Read more



Over the years my fans and visitors have been on my neck, asking me to upload my videos so they can know me better and have more confidence on patronizing my products and services.
I wish to say now that with all happiness and humility, after much deliberation with my team I came to conclusion  to respect your  views and opinion on that .  Here we are my fans – watch and enjoy!!

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