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Know Your Tax Status

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5 importance of Forgiveness


The  best way, but almost impossible to set oneself free of emotional depression is to forgive. But this seven letters word have being a serious point of debate, discussion and argument wether on websites comment platform or seminar and program me ground.Read more

9 Benefits of Peace o Mind in Human development


Every natural man loves and enjoys freedom, even some that are against the practice of peace of mind. Some level of self-crucifixion  is needed to stay alert in other to avoid all sorts of social vices that will not allow you to enjoy your wealth accumulated over the years. Read more

Saliu Emmanuel 2016 end of the year speech

Due to couple of events and program mes I have in December, I have decided to release my end of the year speech to my Business partners, fans/friends and website visitors earlier this month November. Happy viewing.

Wonder of deliberate effort


If you need the attention of those people poised to help you achieve your goal in life faster, takes your willingness to develop yourself in any career you chose. No superior, or any body for that matter will invest time or even a dim on you if there is no purposeful drive from your side to develop a reputation for being a hard worker or a positive ambitious person. Read more

The 2 don’ts in timing


In every situation, there is either ‘too late or too soon’ that sometimes forces negotiation unmade or made as planned. To be a victim of either event depends solely on your response to invitation. Being on the safe side demands that you plan strategically, then use the timing of the negotiation to your own advantage. Always, better time to accept or reject offer or proposal both exist. So as yours’ is set aright, you get better and favorable side of the coin. Read more

How to write successful blog


I have read several articles, and also received letters to my  email box, requesting me to tell them how to write blog that could attract Google  to approve it.  To me, writing  successful bog is a relative term. First and foremost you must like and have passion for what you write not for money, otherwise you may not go far as a writer. Read more

The big HOW

My curiosity in life as to why and how things that happened the way they happened  from my child hood in the suburb  of Odonu/Unosi ward , in Ajaokuta Local Government of Kogi State, North Central , Nigeria, West Africa spurred me into action for intensive research. Read more

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