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3 basic school of thoughts about responsibility you need to know


Responsibility is hard to accept, especially for those who are prone to shifting blames even when it is obvious that they are guilty as charged. As an individual you are responsible for everything you are now, either as a result of what you did or did not.  Read more

3 preparatory steps for success in negotiation process.


Let me start by saying that more than ninety percent of success in negotiation is dependent on how early   you prepare beforehand. Read more

3 Steps to consider before risk taking in business


No investment is risk free . Infect, the overall human  existence is risk in its self, talk less of business ventures. Risk is as unavoidable as taking daily meal. In short, it is an inescapable fact of life. Perhaps  what should be the focus is on how to reduce the level of risk. Take a good example of an Insurance company. Read more

Critical and tested truth about life and business you cannot ignore


We are privileged to see today, talk more of aspiring to succeed in life and business.If you visit the mortuary or grave yard, you’ll be grateful for the opportunity to be alive so that you can think and act on how to improve on effort to better your life. Read more

2 worst enemies of man


Apart  from man being the primary enemy of self, there are other enemies of man. But for the sake of this writing, I’ll be writing about the two major enemies of man. Read more

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