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Marriage Trust and Respect


Character and personality is the hallmark of long-term, loving relationship (Marriage)
The good book describe Men and Women as two born halves that make up one whole, with distinct individual vested different characteristics and uniqueness to help achieve the balance and completion with harmony that nature demands if properly harnessed and combined in maturity and respect for each other. Read more

Apply 17 major Health Habits that assures long life as you creating Personal Health with self discipline

Conscious awareness and the application of health habits have improved and increased life span of people today, than ever before in human history. You hope to be one of those that’ll apply them. Aren’t you? This is exactly where self-discipline is most wanted, in relation to your health. Every body wants to live long on earth to enjoy the fruits of one labor before answer the call of nature (DEATH). Read more

6 Keys to open doors of success in life and business-proven and tested

Success remain a dream in the head, and conceived in the minds of every living human being. Until steps to it are practiced, success remain a million miles away from one. When you visit a grave yard or mortuary (Morgue) then you’ll appreciate my point. You could see unfulfilled dreams of becoming great in life there. Hence these keys for you. Read More


Favorite Authors:

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

A. A. Milne

Adam Sandler

Adam Levine

A. J. McLean

Adam Driver

Adam Carolla

A. Philip Randolph

A. A. Milne

A. A. Milne

A. R. Rahman

Adam Hamiltom

A. A. Milne


A. A. Milne

Aaron Sorkin

Ada Lovelace

Abbie Hoffman

Abby Wambach

Adam Ant

Abdullah II of Jordan

Abigail Adams

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Maslow

Barack Obama

Beyonce Knowles

Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Franklin

Bertolt Brecht

Bertrand Russell

C. S. Lewis

Carl Jung

Carl Sagan

C. S. Lewis

Carol Burnett

Carrie Fisher

Dalai Lama

Dale Carnegie

David Bowie

David Ogilvy

Deepak Chopra

Demetri Martin

E. E. cummings

Eckhart Tolle

Edgar Allan Poe

Edmund Burke

Eleanor Roosevelt

Elie Wiesel

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fidel Castro

Florence Nightingale

Fran Lebowitz

Francis Bacon

Francis of Assisi

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H Authors :
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J Authors :Febi Gentle
K Authors :
L Authors :
M Authors::CandyHarluck N Authors :Febi Gentle
O Authors :
P Authors :
Q Authors::CandyHarluck R Authors :Febi Gentle
S Authors :
T Authors :
U Authors::CandyHarluck V Authors :Febi Gentle
W Authors :
X Authors :
Y Authors::CandyHarluck Z Authors :Febi Gentle

Mark Twain

Elbert Hubbard



Zig Ziglar

Henry Ward Beecher

J. Paul Getty

Jim Rohn


Mark Twain

Saliu Emmanuel

Saliu Emmanuel

Saliu Emmanuel

Saliu Emmanuel

Saliu Emmanuel

Saliu Emmanuel

Saliu Emmanuel

Saliu Emmanuel

Saliu Emmanuel

Henry Ward Beecher

Saliu Emmanuel

Saliu Emmanuiel

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