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Explaining the key terms of Google analytics in details: Revenue per thousand (RPM), Cost-per-thousand (CTM), Cost-per-click (CPC), and Click through rate (CTR).

For you to understand the topic very well, I have to explain some basic terms so that when reading on, you will not find it too difficult to understand.
Now lets go:
1. Click: Click simply mean the number of times an ad was clicked on in the given reporting period.
2. Impression: An impression is a terms used when a user views of a particular item on your website . This means that the user may either view a page, and ad unit, or an individual ad. As a result, the three classification of impression are: page view, page impression and ad impression.
3. Page View: Now a page view is reported every time a user views a page displaying Google ads in it. The logic is there is that only one page views is counted at a time, irrespective of the number of ads displayed on that particular page. Lets take some figures and sight some examples: Lets assumed that four ad units and it is visited three times, then only three page views is counted.
4. Page Impression: The generation of page impression occurs every time a user views a page displaying Google ads. Remember that a page might contain more than one Google ads. Consequently, ad units impressions are calculated separately, although, somehow, for Google ad sense, page view and page impression appears to be too similar.
5. Ad Impression: In this case, an ad impression is reported whenever an individual ad is displayed on your website. Take another good example, if one page that contains five ad units is viewed four times, then you have four page impressions calculated thus: 20(5×4) ad unit impressions.
6. Query: This term query is a request made any time to Google’s system to display an ad unit. Read more

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