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Strategies to the Top for Determined People

Welcome to Basic Success Principles as an existing visitor or a first timer.

Before you go further, we have a bonus for our students to learn computer online in the comfort of their home. Why not be one of the benefiting students.

In the course of driving our points home on this articles on this site, we shall be making references to ‘successful’, ‘success’ and ‘fulfilled’ rather than using the word rich. Because our experience and long years of research have shown that A Man, Family, Community, State/Province, Country, could be rich and not successful, fulfilled, happy etc.

There is a mystery surrounding the successful people to the ordinary people that this site will(as far as our resources will carry us) uncover. We deem it necessary not to allow our long years of effort in researching and findings both physical, Prints and media to be swept under the carpet just like that without shearing it to as many that cares to read our articles on this site , ‘Basic Success Principles’ that helped the successful people built their wealth and empire.

Our findings began with the premise that success is not gotten by chance or fate as believed in some feeble minds. That does not mean that am anti-luck. I believe in luck, but with meager fraction of 100%, lets say 2% (Laughter, haaa…..) my believe is as slim as that after my research. Honestly speaking, these successful people paid their dues at the right time by adopted almost the same principles in their endeavors, vocations, career, etc. No short cut!! They denied themselves of some legitimate leisure to achieve their goals.

On this site, as far as our hands and pen will carry us, we are going to make reference(if possible) to those who have sacrifice dutifully and painstakingly to put their names on good book of life.

This site does not teach a get rich quick sermon, we know that such things doesn’t exist in our own dictionary; it is a lazy man fallacy, people that are comfortable with excusable reason(s) Here we are going to unravel some practical and open secrets that you already have in you- we call that a hidden potentials. Tap it, and you are up the hill there, leave it un-taped and you are down below the valley. You do not have excuse to be unsuccessful.

I want you each time you visit this site you challenge yourself with new discoveries. Because, with team work on this site, our experts will cover topics on reasons why: ordinary People fail, Leaders fail, Marriages fail, Communities Fail, State/Province fail and why countries fail.

Research through our resource persons have shown that little, little things that people ignore make them fail. As we go on you will understand that being rich is different from being successful, so don’t be deceived to know that unsuccessful rich people cry more.

Keep visiting this site and posting your comments, and our moderators are always waiting to reply your comments.

In life, we have two categories of people . The first are the set of people we refer to as the inheritors. These are people born with silver spoons in their mouths, equipped and armed with a generous nest egg. You know what? Some of these ill-prepared or un-prepared messed up everything because he is not prepared for the free gift, though inherited, that not withstanding. They have the cookies of responsibilities falling on their head, and the business crumbling right on their faces.

It happened to them because they took for granted the price the predecessor(Father or whoever handed over them the mantle) paid to earned him that so-called silver spoon.

Conversely, some people were not so lucky to have every things set up for them . In fact, these other set of people’s child hands were generally rather common place, often poor and sometimes miserable.

Talk about their school days, many of these people were referred to as notorious dunces . However, each one of these categories of people at a crucial moment in their lives decided to take their fate and destiny into their own hands, and enlightened by prints and website like this one, friends or by a powerful sense of intuition, they set out one by one to get successful

We do not preach perfection here. No one is perfect.

Permit me to refer to Socrates, the Greek Philosopher, unceasingly moaned about the weakness of his own nature. Yet, he came to realize that man is perfectible. No matter our background, environment, stature, we can always improve ourselves.

Oh yes the legal and legitimate approach to apply to help us achieve our individual goal may be different , but if we persevere, we will get there!!!.

As you journey to your success,you’ll no doubt need a friend(s) that will later metamorphosed into aliens that will help you achieve your goals more quickly than you ever imagined. A serious warning must be given to you here. Please, employ or allow inner discerning sub-consciousness to prevail. Don’t be quick to accept friendship in the real sense of it, especially those connected to shapingyour life.It is very difficult to do, you must do it. Avoid those that has given up in life to be referred to as losers . According to our believe and my team that work with me, The people we referred to as losers are those that are physically dead and buried. We operate on the premise that all living people can still gain consciousness and reposition in life, even the lunatics can be sane again and be successful; it is a sure bet.

Honestly speaking, you will know these kind of people with the features of deceits and failure written all over them . When you move on in life , and as you graduate from one challenge to the other, the better your ability to judge people will become. I think you know that you have a programmer in your head, called ‘Brain’. The more you use it positively, the more you attract successful and winners to your side. Please, if you really want to be successful, never chose a loser( and is comfortable as loser) as friend, because no matter the effort you put into a resolved loser is useless and nihility . No matter how strong you are as a successful man and as a person that want to be successful, your combination will not yield any positive result. You rather channel the effort on people that are ready to be successful and wiling to explore every positive avenue to be successful. Lastly the loser will cost money, energy, time and even ultimately your life.

Remember that as a person aspiring to be successful , no matter your good intention towards a loser, you will certainly hurt him because the combination will not work. The loser sleeps a loser hoping for manner to fall at sun rise and if that does not happen, he shifts the miracle time frame to sunset, and so on and on and on….. Burning away precious time that could be converted to judicious use.

Another terrible set of people I dread so much, and I advice you dread them too if you want to be successful. Do you know who they are ? They are SCHEMERS. These are people who never see anything good in other people. They are the perfect one even when it is so obvious to other people that they are making mistake. They back stab spouse , associates, employees and employers in their absence. They go to A and gossip B to it. Anyone capable of playing dirty tricks on others can do the same to you. The good things in life is that no matter how you try to perfect your scheming techniques, the truth will always come out in the end. These group of people end up adding to list of their enemies, because they’ve succeeded in heads collided two or more people who latter discovered they were fooled after all.

Whether you came to this site through search-engine, friends, flyers or advert, whichever way you arrive at this site, you are not here by accident. Hence, we will make sure you get value for your money that you spend on the internet by giving you our candid advise.There are these other set of people you need to watch very carefully and avoid them like plague. People who see potentials in you and tries to kill it simply because they are limited in their vision and mission in life and refuse to explore their own potentials. Do we simply put that they are afraid, uncomfortable and feel threatened by the enormous potential you have, and the drastic measure you are taking to realize your goal. They try to sap your enthusiasm and try to dissuade you from going ahead and embarking on a new ventures.You discover that anytime you approach them and tell them about your dream to aspire higher, they just laugh at you and call you a day dreamer.The best thing to do to such people is to play deaf to them and go your way.Do not waste your time trying to convince him to work with you. Look for another like minded person like you. Somebody that will buy your good ideas, cultivate and nurture it to maturity with you. Take this advise seriously. There is no sympathy and empathy when it comes to take a serious decision that will affect your life positively.

The main themes of this site are basically on our hypothetical ‘TEN TABLETS’ – ‘S T R A T E G I E S ‘ that form the basis of the principles applied by the successful people:

*Start: Stop procrastinating. Start now

*Tell: Tell yourself the truth about your self

*Resolve: Resolve to develop your self, come what may.

*Accept: Accept the truth that you cannot do it alone and seek for higher person

*Teamwork: Work with team of the same like minded people

*Encourage-self: A time of discouragement will surely come. Try and encourage yourself

*Gather information: Get information about your dream

*Investigate and analyze your findings: Investigate about it

*Evaluate and compare your analysis: Analyze your investigation.

*Stand by your Vision/Mission: Stand firm with your dream and improve on it

Areas of your life this website will help you improve include:

*Sub-consciousness mind: Living every day that will help you create a daily routine that gives you a sense of flow
*Business/Career: Build a career you’re truly passionate about
*Wealth,Success/Money: Realizing your potentials that will make you achieve financial abundance without compromising your integrity
*Health Habit/practice: Adopt health habits and practice will that empower your physical body
* Relationships/Single parents: Stay happy as single parent and Enjoy loving relationships that help you grow to success living
*Spirituality: Arouse your sub-conscious mind and live more consciously!

See you on top and waiting for your comment. Bye………….

About My Audio Tape:

After many years of saliuemmanuel.com (which we now redirect to saliuemmanuel.org/blog at the discretion of Saliu Emmanuel-Concept and the Team) and with request from my fans and site visitors to at least here my voice through my Audio if I chose not to upload my Video for the fear of the online scammer and spammer who derive pleasure in using people’s video for dubious activities, I have decided to break the silence to upload my Audio, enjoy yourself.

On this Podcasts page, there titles of MP3 player, Chose the topics of your interest and use the MP3 player below to play Saliuemmanuel.org/blog podcasts (audio files)

directly from your web browser. First Click the down arrows at the right of each title to

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Podcast Show Notes (opens in new window as you click any of the title of your choice)

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