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Leadership that Touches Lives

The term Leadership have been a matter of discourse and controversy in various field of studies. some have out rightly abuse the term, while some in practice have not follow it the letter. No doubt, therefore, that you must have  read various articles, attended seminars, visited websites that treated topics on Leadership extensively. Now, you may ask –What is so important about this  website on Leadership. For example, some Authors teaches and emphasizes on ‘Visionary Leadership’. This concept emphasized mostly on Organization.

The concept is majorly matters to people throughout an organization. You may agree with me that some time, the concept has been misused. What I mean is that, to some extent ‘Visionary Leadership is purely a personal trait. Some other sees it implies that the central role of a leader is to come up with a detailed vision , and then the future ideal , will ‘sell’ that vision to followers. That is where this website will disagree with some superior argument.
The question is, which concept do I  believe in?
Our concept here is termed ‘Leadership that touches Lives ‘
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