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Charismatic Leaders


Charismatic Leaders: Obedience through identification, in expectation of becoming powerful like the leader. Although some writer emphasized mostly on independent achievers under leader-followership patterns at the second stage of power need development with managers at the third stage of development, however, the vulnerable (that is the dependers) who are at the first stage of development of the power need is crucial to giving a holistic approach to analyzing charismatic leadership.


These set of people called dependers in this context are neither transactional nor transformational leaders. Although, some are followers, but not the matured type of followers in the real sense of it, but followership based on desire for a dependent relationship with the leader they chose to work with. And the hope that by identifying with the leader, they automatically aim to incorporate the leaders’ power within themselves as their primary aim. The best word to describe these set of followers are ‘subordinates’ This translate to mean that they submit themselves completely to the wishes and command of the leader hundred percent


Research has shown that leaders who opt out or scout for such followers are typically at the third stage of power need development and are neither social achievers nor effective managers of company. They do not fall under the categories of transactional leaders either, but are simply-driven by a power need that is expressed in personalized styles. They use direct or indirect way to control other people by engaging in interpersonal relationships designed to make others dependent upon them for answers to prevailing problems. These set of leaders who need followers that are dependent and obedient are called charismatic leaders-Big time!


Obviously, statistics revealed such relationship as neither healthy nor interdependent, because the charismatic leader capitalizes on the followers’ immaturity to initiate the relationship proposal with juicy condition attached. They are known for false promises by claiming that if the follower does as he or she wishes or proposes, the follower might eventually become as powerful as him or her.


Charismatic leaders are known to create false impression, and an art of feelings among followers by way of imitating some key behavior of transformational leaders to step up his or her game plan tactically, and sometime forcefully. They try to give the appearance of trust worthiness, but without consistent, credible actions to back it up, most times without real respect for followers in their actions. Their followers are not empowered with real authority and responsibility to perform.


On the relationship between  the charismatic leaders and dependent followers, there the drama of give and take that plays out. Reason being that leader knows exactly, some time through question and answer section what dependers look for, he or she  provide a fire brigade solution to get the followers’ obedience. To ordinary man on the street, it is a win, win situation or game.


As opposed to dependent followers, an In dependent achievers are unlikely to become followers of charismatic leaders, rather they seek for transactional leader that will make to them a realistic contract he or she can rely on.


Whereas dependent followers wish to depend on person of charisma, with whom to identify head long.

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