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Your Questions – Do you have question(s) for us! You may visit my FAQ because I have tried my best to answer most the questions I feel may arise. However, as people differ so the approach to issues may be.
Your Feedback – We learn everyday. Your feedback may help us to adjust, you know! So feel free to write to us especially on any article(s) you found helpful… and some you will want us to adjust. You are welcome!
Need Advice - Advise is important, especially on career undertaking (Change of career), doing two or more jobs etc. It’s my desire to do just but you know we have to pay our bills anyway. I believe you wouldn’t see me unable to pay my bills as a result of free advice huuu….. Package your advice help on one of my workshops if you’d like, but remember that I do not give free advice via email. If you even attempt that I’ll not reply your email.
Do you Promotion, advertise, or grant link requests for people – I use to do that, but not again because people abused the privilege. I can only promote and advertise on my free blogs with blogger on request. However, if you think you are sincere enough and have all it takes to advertise on my paid website, then you can contact me directly.  I want you to know that managing a website like my own is not a piece of cake, so you asking me to promote you for free is an offense to me . Hence, using the form below indicate that you are ready to foot the bill.

That means that you offer ‘Direct Advertisements’ for Companies and Individuals?

Yes now we do with Our terms and condition attach to it.

What type of ads you accept:
1. Text Links

2. Banners (Animated/Static)

3.Newsletter Ads

4. Audio/Video Ads

5. Newsletter Ads

6. RSS Ads

7. Site Reviews

What are your payment options?
Our Payment option includes:
1. PayPal
2. Wire transfer/Internet Banking
3. Local Bank payment( this option is open to those companies/Individual in Nigeria  that wish to pay Us through our Local Bank Account)

Our Traffic statistics:

1.  Alexa:  10,874,622   see the update on our widget by your right
2.Demographic Data (V. Imp)
3. Unique Visits (per day/ per month)
4. Page Views (per day/ per month)
5. SEO Services Ranks
6. Number of Feed Subscribers

You may do the research by yourself.

Can we see your Price Tags?


For More Details about our Price Tag on Our Motivational Articles, Click here

For More Details about our Price Tag on Our News World Articles, Click here

Then how do I contact you?

If already have a verified  PayPal Account you can follow the process on that link above and you will be attended to.

We do not have pay pal account, but we want to pay you in Naira

By that statement, you mean you want to pay through Bank deposit. Contact us through our Mobile phone or use the link below so that we can talk. Thank you!

You reach Us through our service contact page:

Are we sure of Long-term relationships ?
Our website site is now hosted directly by Our Registered Company: ( Saliu Emmanuel-Concept) so, as long as our website is on, and keeps running, you are guaranteed of your ads with us.
Give us suggestions if you have any - Ignorance is my nightmare and nemesis, and I need your help to conquer it. You may be of immense help to me. Please let me know about anything that am doing wrong or incorrect and I’ll improve .
Do you want to Meet me in person? – That is one of my hubby, meeting new people, especially especially people that love nature!  I am an adventurous person. If you want to meet me in person in any part of the world and you can foot the bill, fine by me. Presently, I live in Nigeria, West Africa I travel a lot, and I’m very social, so I’m used to meeting lots of new people. You may read my Meeting in Person for easy decision making details.
Handshake/Hugging! – Waiting for you!

Upcoming Basic Principles of Success Workshops

Sign up for a Self Conscious 2-day workshop to explore your inner potentials and upgrade to a new life.

Self Conscious Workshop (SCW)

Date and venue will be convey to you via email when you register

SCW is organized such that you will meet people with the same aspiration as yours but have broken the barrier to realizing their dreams. At SCW you’ll explore and discover how to make your dream a reality. You will learn how to revolve your life around doing what you enjoy doing while you generate abundant income yourself and new friends of the same dream with.
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