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Five Basic levels of Human Needs

According to Dr Maslow Abraham, a Psychologist that propounded or discovered five basic levels of human needs, the levels are stated from the most basic biological needs, then progressed to the higher psychological needs.
The summary of the discovery suggestion is outlined in the few examples: When one is already safe and secure, well-fed, and is surrounded by reliable friends , then such person can relax and seek for prestige and success. Conversely, the moment the security is threatened , prestige will no longer important to the person. At that time, the motivation is moved by security. Now, what if there is no enough food to eat? Security won’t motivate the person, but the focus will now be on the basic biological necessities.
The five needs to different degrees at anytime were motivated by them depending on the circumstances that will allow one of them to dominate others, accepted?
Going by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which started at the most basic biological needs and progress to higher-level psychological needs as follows:
E. Self-actualization Self-fulfillment
D. Ego needs Prestige, success, self-respect
C. Social needs Affection, friendship, belonging
B. Safety and security needs protection, order, stability
A. Physiological needs Food, water, air, shelter, sex
Now lets come back home to our main point, the above hierarchy of needs explained clearly that people’s need is the motivator that drives them to their demand and force them to want to give you money to buy/get something from you. Remember that whichever business you want to venture into, some person or group of persons are already doing it. Therefore, ability to do it better than the already existing ones serves as an edge that will force people to engage you when you meet the following condition:
# Add value to their lives
# Make or save them money
# Save them time
# Offer them leisure or entertainment, affection, friendship or belonging
# Supply them with food, shelter or clothing
# Provide them with security, safety, or comfort
# Give them status, prestige, or self-respect
So next time you think of being a successful and rich, think of these dominating values before you dream of such easy way out.

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