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How to fine tune and handle your Financial IQ in 2018


Good morning, my Online/Offline business partners worldwide, my viewers, site visitors.

We thank the Creator(GOD) to have allowed us to see the last month in the year 2017. Here we are, most us preparing to celebrate the Xmas, and of course, all and sundry with high hope to sail through to a prosperous 2018.

I wish to take a little of your time to stay glue and read my observation, and possibly some word of advice as we approach new year. The piece is specially designed for my Online/Offline business partners worldwide, my viewers, site visitors(both old and intending visitors)

You have read my articles on how to develop yourself, both in terms physical, mentally, and financially and strongly believe some you must have achieved series of progress in life. However, I want to emphasize on how you can sustain that come 2018. Thus the lesson on the approaches of the three categories of people in the world, learn from them, and at the end you’ll be able to fix yourself and analyze your situation using a comparative method to know where you belong, and possible way of adjustment, if any.

Happy Xmas and prosperous 2018 as you read on.

The poor mentality about money.

The real challenge of the poor is the approach and to handle money, couple with how to tackle money problem when at the early stage. Another reason why the poor condition seems not to easily reduced, if not completely eradicated is the failure on the side of the poor help the situation. Read more


The Middle Class reasoning and handle of money problems

Although, the middle class are generally said to be smart in most of their activities. Read more


The Rich way of reasoning and their handle of money

One good thing about rich people on how to handle money problems is the use of their Financial Integrity that was developed over many years to solve problems that confronted them Read more

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