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To start a window, make sure that your computer is connected to an electrical devise that turn on the power switch on the central processing unit (C.P.U) and then your visual display unit (V.D.U). Wait until you computer complete its booting process (I.e. make ready system applications and scan for errors in the system drives folders and files) before you can work with the window environment.

You can begins almost every activities on your computer by clicking the start button; when you click on it, the start menu will appear, it contains a list of your programs (many listed in sub menus such as programs or accessories) and you can also open recent document, and go to control panel to change settings.


Important aspect of working with a graphical user interface is using the mouse. The mouse is device attached to your computer which you use to point to, click on and select objects on your screen.

In windows you use a mouse to start programs, display menus, select items from menus, view document and perform other task.


The mouse on your desk controls the movement of the mouse pointer on your screen, when you move the mouse on your desk. (i.e. mouse pad), the mouse pointer on your screen move as well.

The following table displays some of the shapes a mouse pointer can assume and their and their description.

Normal select
? Help select
Working in background
+ Precision select
Text select
Unavailable sheet
Vertical resize
Horizontal resize
Diagonal resize
Alternate select
Link select


Never turn off your computer without first saving. Shut down is the command you give to your computer which prepares your computer to turn off after saving the changes and settings you made on your computer.

When you shut down, windows closes any program that are running, prompt you to save any unsaved files and create an environment in which it is save to turn off your computer. If you turn off your computer with out first saving you could lose valuable information.

To shut down your computer, use the following steps:

1. Click on the start button and click on shut down

2. Windows display a dialogs box

3. Click on shut down

4. Click on ok

ICONS: Referred to folders, documents, or application that displayed as little pictures (icons) on the desktop. They serve as shortcut to the application the picture, the desktop referring to.

RECYCLE BIN: Saves deleted files. After you have deleted an object, it remains in the recycle bin until you delete it from the recycle bin or until the bin reaches maximum capacity.

You can retrieve / restore from recycle bin if your change your mind about deleting them.

START BUTTON: it is the starting point for any application saved in the computer and it is very sensitive to mouse and automatically displays the option on then items that the computer is pointing to.

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