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Liquid Detergent Soap

Liquid Detergent Soap
This detergent soap is the kind of soap that is used for cleaning utensils made of metal such as spoon, fork, and pans. Detergents can be in powder form called( Powered detergents)
When the soap is dissolved, he powered detergents become liquid detergents.
The quantity of the following formula is enough to produce one kilo of liquid detergent. You can get these ingredients in stores selling chemicals in your area.
Weight                                           Qty                                  % Total
1. SLES                                              80-130                                  8-13
2. CDEA                                               50                                           5
3. STPP                                               30                                             3
4. Table salt or
Sodium chloride                                5-10                                    0.5-1
5. Lemon fragrance                          5-8                                      0.5-0.8
6. Water                                        772-830                                 77.2-83
7. Total                                       1000gms                                   100%
1. Teaspoon
2. Beaker
3. Graduated cylinder
4. Stainless steel container and electric mixer
5. Stirrer
6. Mixing bowl or small pail
7. Flask

1. Using a graduated cylinder, measure 80-130g SLES. Measure also 772-830g water
2. Transfer the SLES to a beaker and add a little water. Stir the SLES very well
3. Add 50g CDEA to the SLES. Mix well with A Stirrer
4. Continue stirring the mixture until it becomes creamy. Add water once in a while to prevent the mixture from foaming while stirring
5. Meanwhile, dissolve 30g of STPP in a little amount of water, mix well and set aside
6. If the CDEA=SLES mixture is already creamy, transfer it to a small pail or a stainless steel container. Add a little amount of water while stirring continuously.
7. Transfer the mixture to the mixer then switch on. When the mixture, is already foamy, add the dissolved STPP slowly while continuously.
8. Dissolve the salt in a little amount of water , Add this to the mixture, which is being mixed continuously
9. Next, add 5-8ml lemon drops as fragrance .
10. Continuing mixing until the mixture thickens. Set it aside
11. Once thickened, pour the mixture into a clean container and set aside for about 2 hours.
12. When there are no more suds, pour the liquid Detergent into clean bottle
13. After 24 hour, the Liquid detergent is ready for use.

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