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Master your field

Master your field

To be successful in business or carrier is not an inborn thing. It is something that can be acquired and enhanced beginning with the right decision. This implies to say that you must learn to ‘yes’ when the time is ripe, and ‘no’ when is not. Stick to your sub-conscious mind when the time is not ripe and avoid a shaky business deals at all cost that may put in trouble.

Based on our research over the years, most wealthy or successful men do not believe that the ability to be wealthy is inborn, but accessible to anyone who takes the time and the energy to obtain and cultivate it.

The more and greater your ability and capacity to foresee possibilities where others see only impossibilities with right decision taken already, the more of an eccentric people will take you for. Few people tend to accept or recognize good opportunities when they knock at the door. When you have ventured on the road to success, please, do your best to avoid or ignore those who criticize you just for no reason, or may trying to throw snide comments your way.

Sometimes, objections raised by our so called well-wishers, and even experts, are admittedly founded on ‘rational’ analysis. What matters most is by cultivating our intuition that we can manage to see beyond ‘logical’ ideas. By the way the secret of real success lies in being able to distinguish between what is feasible in business environment and what is not, and tracing a vein of gold where others can’t see it.

On this site we are not trying to say that everything under the sun is possible. Yes some plans are simply not easily achieved or would require too much time and energy to accomplish.

A big question in the mind of anyone who desire to succeed, is where to start from and how to start. This is a big unquestionably common complaint especially in this jet age with confusion everywhere, because it appears to be that the harder you work, the less money you get, and those who work less get fat pay, why?

Part of the reason(not all the time) is that you failed to master your field properly.

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