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Mystery of Wealth

The mystery behind riches is still yet to be uncovered by ordinary people .

It has fascinated the lay man on the street so much so that many fortune seekers have admittedly fallen prey to their magic spell in their quest to know why rich people are becoming richer and poor becoming poorer.

On this site, we will try to lift the veil of mystery surrounding them with ,applying some modification. Hence we will be referring the word “successful, wealthy” rather than the word “riches”.

As a result of our research work done over the year by our research team, and the personal of the writer of this articles, we discovered that one could be rich, control the larger percentage of shares in the stock market and lack real happiness.

To be happy with your wealth means that some factors has to come to play which includes hard work, planning, self-discipline, steadfastness, courage, tenacity, daring etc.

As we proceed, we shall site the examples of some wealthy people, the secrets of their success and how they built their empire from scratch. We agree with idea that began with the basic premise that success cannot be attributed to fate(though occasionally luck have something to do with it) but to the sound(sub-conscious) application of very specific principles.

Each character in this gallery of wealthy men championed one major recipe for success and when we study their lives it will therefore shed light on the enigmatic art of being successful. Let’s start by saying that each area of life be it Engineering, Medicine, Law, Business, has its own rules and regulations that make it into an art or science.

In the above profession and more that we could not mention have their art or skills to the utmost-and so we automatically turn to them for guidance when we wish to learn or perfect something. We refer to them as role models. Learning from these role models will help us avoid making blunders that would have caused us grievous and consequential mistakes.

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