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Saliuemmanuel.com was Created on 06 April, 2010. Unfortunately, the registrar then could not satisfy, and give value for my money. My website was almost always characterized with frequent messages ‘The account is suspended’ without any reasonable excuse, even when I paid my subscription before the due time to my then registrar. My website suffered a brutal attack in the hand of hackers. Then My Company (Saliu Emmanuel-Concept) team, after several meetings wrote for host transfer, but the registrar bluntly refused to release my website name. Myself and my team decided to register saliuemmanuel.org  while waiting for the expiration of saliuemmanuel.com.
On 27 March, 2015 saliuemmanuel.org was registered and hosted through Saliu Emmanuel-Concept.
On 23 June, 2015 saliuemmanuel.com was reregistered and hosted through Saliu Emmanuel-Concept.

This time is repackaged to teach extensively on Life Success Principles.

Saliuemmanuel.com was originally set up as a personal website for Article writing. The website was so popular that it attracted millions of visitors across the world. But people who envied the popularity, and didn’t want my website to see the light of the day, sabotaged my effort.
One thing is sure, no matter how lies tried to run fast, while the truth is crawling, the truth will certainly overtake lies. It is a matter of time, though.
Please, be careful about who host your website, because your host company could make or mar the life span of your website. I use this occasion to consider Saliu Emmanuel-Concept to host your website. With our hosting plan, you are sure that your website will be on running as long as we are in business and our own website is on.

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