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Although, this was supposed to form part of the above forces or factors that could be controlled by man, because this is largely a man-made problems that could be avoided. However, due to negligence, people sometimes indulge in several activities and actions that poses grave danger to primarily, our health and the overall human existence from our environment.

The pollution of earth’s atmosphere by our factories, resulted in the death of millions of people yearly from breathing contaminated air is controllable if more scientific method is applied.

The dump of sewage, agricultural and medical waste, plastics and other toxic pollutants into the ocean that poison marine animals and plants including human being that eat such contaminated sea life could be controlled too if people cultivate the habits of respect for the environment.

You will agree with me that no one is above sickness, no matter how powerful or religious you are. However, certain measures could be adopted to prevent the degree through personal health habits, observations and culture. The rate of Drug abuse, Obesity, High blood pressure is  on the increase yearly. Others are dying from array of non-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and cancer which are threats to human existence. How much more do we have to say about the health living of humanity under siege, diseases such as mental-illness, which sometimes resulted from drug abuse. The out-breaks of dangerous epidemics as the Ebola virus and Zika virus respectively was another call for concern. The worrying aspect of the whole saga was that despite the government effort through budget allocation to curb the menace, and the endless research by the experts to tackle the dreaded monster, the end of it seems to be nowhere in sight yet. Hence, the change of attitude towards health matters.

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