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The poor mentality about money


The real challenge of the poor is the approach and the way  to handle money, couple with how to tackle money problem when at the early stage. Another reason why the poor condition seems not to easily reduced, if not completely eradicated is the failure on the side of the poor to help the situation under review. What I mean here is, as effort are being made to help the poor out of the present poor state, its busy creating another one(s) without correspondent resources to counter and ameliorate the present challenges .

Take for example, a typical Africa  primary school teacher with little take home at the end  of every month with large family and still planning to have more without correspondent resources as I’ve already written above, is inviting big financial problem. There is no crime in having large family, in fact  it was a pride in Africa, especially in Nigeria if you have enough food to go round from your farm.In fact, then the  man’s wealth was measured by the size of farm land you have, the number of women you have to help you on your farm work during harvesting period, and the number of male children you have etc.  In those good days, when I was a small boy, with my late father, Adajine Evaje Saliu with his four wives, the only source of my father income then was his large size of farm land. The wives were not complaining of food, including the children. In fact His grown up children then had their own petty farm land too to harvest their crops, should father denied them of some harvested tuber of yams (Laughter… because I could still remember vividly, the harvesting year my late father discipline them, because He  was a very stubborn man to the core, please, don’t crucify my father in your mind, because an average African is very stubborn. )

I could remember vividly, in those old good days when my senior brothers, especially from the other mothers would say, you small boy, go and fetch  water from the stream,(because I happened to be the last born of my mother, though)and  then wanted to show some rascal  and resistance, my senior once would cut a cane and flogged me very well, and I would cry to stream to fetch the water. But I really enjoyed it, because then life was meaningful and respectful. You could sleep with two eyes closed without fear of any harassment.

The role agriculture then in adding values to human existence can not be over emphasized. During my primary school time, we had what we called School Garden. It was beautiful  and life was worth living.

My point here is that the poor attitude is the real problems of the poor. The poor, in Africa depend too much on either magic or miracle to survive. They gamble their precious lives all through  their existence on earth. What shocked me in this present recession is how people still buy cars, build houses etc. The poor may not necessarily have all those thing in abundance for now, but could live within your resources and work harder and smarter for more money. DO NOT CREATE MORE ARTIFICIAL MONEY PROBLEMS FOR YOURSELF, it is risky!

I hate injustice to the core, but I tried to x-ray the reason some people take to social media to insult people is not the solution, and will never be. Those people in government are our children, brothers  and  fathers.  Sometimes your demand from them made them do what they did, so you are part of the problem in the government, even though you are not yet tagged a government officials. To me, and for now in the interim while the legislation to change some obsolete  l aw that has held African followers  hostage for many years is ongoing, we should hold leaders accountable for their campaign promises irrespective of Political affiliation, and must be done with sincerity of purpose and without bias.

I told people who knows me one on one and cares  to listen that Africa Government problems in general , and Nigeria in particular are SYSTEMIC, period! If you have a system where you know that 2, 4 or even 10 years after your office, you could be called upon to give account of your stewardship, you’ll sit up. Every human being has this tendencies to steal, misbehave etc. You are talking because you are not there. Let me ask you, if you are there, how are you going to solve all these money problems you are creating?

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