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Toilet Soap (Opaque)

Toilet Soap (Opaque)
Ingredients: Materials:
1. Refined coconut oil-4.5kg
2. Caustic soda solution (32 deg. Be)-3.25kg
3. EDTA (Ethylene Diaminetetracetate – 70g
4. Citric acid- 70g
5. Sodium Chloride-4.5g
6. CDEA (Coco Diethanolamide)-50g
7. Light mineral Oil-70g
8. Scent o suit
9. Color (optional
1. Pail 16 L cap, (2 pcs): 20 L cap, (1 pc)
2. Basin (large)
3. Hydrometer-0-70 Degree Bauman
4. Weighing scales-10kg cap: 500g cap
5. Mold and cutter
6. Wooden stirrer/manual or electrical mixer
7. Spatula, stainless
Preparation of materials:
1. Caustic soda solution, 32. Be: dissolve 0.855kg of caustic soda(NaoH) in 2.4kg water. Cool to room temperature. Check the concentration with the hydrometer. Adjust if necessary and filter if needed before using
2. Additive: Dissolve EDTA, citric acid and salt in 100ml water. For color, make a 1% solution. Add color in oil.
Preparation of the Soap:
1. Weigh carefully the required quantity of coco oil. To make a colored soap, add about 10ml of the 1% color in oil solution or the amount to suit the desired intensity of color
2. Add the required amount of caustic soda and stir until the condensed milk-like consistency is attained. This usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.
3. Add the dissolved additives and continue stirring for 5 minutes.
4. Add the light mineral oil, CDEA and scent. Stir for another 5 minutes to 1 hour.
5. Pour the soap mixture into the molder. Let it stand at room temperature for 12 hours or until soap solidify .
6. Remove soap from molder and cut into desire sizes
7. Stamp and pack. Allow to age for about 7 days to complete the saponification

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