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Transactional Leadership


Transactional Leadership:  Compliance in expectation of reward(or to avoid punishment) When you perform task(s) assigned to you, automatically,  you get reward for it. On the other hand, you get punished for refusal to perform a job. You may either not paid or get fired from your job. Transactional Leaders are also known to be managers. They manage very well as a result of the skill they posed. The secret behind their success is the strong  clear task responsibilities and expectations to followers. The authority needed to fulfill such responsibility is provided by transactional leaders. The style of Transactional Leaders is manifested in the organizational structure. It is structured such that the managers, especially those at the third stage of power deserve development to function effectively in the organization. Time and then, these set of individual expresses their need for power, so they can control their lives such that they direct their power need towards pro-social way as at when they so desire. Their followers enjoys influence through the share of power and extension use of power and influence productively.

In terms of good management, Transactional Leaders takes leads. They achieve this by clear definition of task responsibilities and expectations of followers under them.

Apart from the fact that Transactional Leaders gives authority needed by the followers to fulfill the assigned responsibilities, rewards for successful tasks accomplishment are contracted in achieving defined expectations. Furthermore, Effective Transactional Leaders, as inter changeably sometimes called, usually designs system of rewards and sanctions simultaneously that are fair, not crude and clueless in nature which gives way for both leaders and followers to enter into clear contracts without bias. They engage in equitable and advantageous ground for the transactions.


With co-operative efforts of others, transactional leaders applies power and influence to achieve organizational goal. Although, the followers of these kind of effective transactional leaders are mostly independent achievers in their own stage of power development process. These set of achievers tends to control their system through their actions within the frame of their set goal pattern or style. The culture of these set of individuals naturally follows the set lead of transactional leaders, which by their formation are known to be good managers.


The use of power prosaically helps an effective transactional leaders get positive results of their set goals. This means that the larger  organization,  and  of course the company employees benefits from the effective transactional leaders actions and inactions.  Getting the right things done and to get things done right are two different things altogether, which implies that the fair transaction only benefits all those involve in the process at a particular time, and do not necessarily transform the entire followers or the organization as the case may be.


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