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Transformational Leadership


Transformational Leadership: Internalization of shared values that guide action. The maximizing internal share value approach is based on ones’ demand on shared values and moral (belief) in the cause of action. It is simply an assumption with strong held views that serves as guides to doing what is right and correct occasioned by particular gain. For instance, if I lend my car to you  for an occasion or event, curtsey demands that you wash it, especially if stained during your use. You’ll wash it not because I paid  you, but because you used it and its dirty already. What will come out of this is that both parties may share a strong sense of respect and concern for maintaining property that benefits them.( I use your car for my event that satisfy me and wash your car, and perhaps  replaced some war-out gargets in the car that ordinarily you wouldn’t think of replacing them so soon).

Transformational leaders help others to develop and direct the managers under them and their motives for the overall organizational goals. They are ready to begin the transformation into leaders. One of the major characteristics of transformational leaders, is transforming managers into leaders like themselves.

Transformational leaders try to identify, and articulate to help others internalize, shared values and beliefs to reality. What these types of leaders does is to define control derived from a higher source which is the organization, and not concerned with inculcating the values and beliefs of the past or past glory. They do not inculcate their own values and beliefs in the member of the community, if you like. The point  here is that the transformational leaders work is to first derive a set of values and beliefs from the current community of organization members, which includes the leader himself or herself. Then, the transformational leaders act to make these values and beliefs explicit so that they can be shared consciously and purposefully.


Under transformational leaders, managers are well equipped by shared power and influence with others to achieve   organizational goals which is expressed prosaically, so as to prepare them to be transformational leaders themselves. They use transformational leadership behavior for  further transformative aims to help them become more effective managers.


Lastly, you must know that not every independent achiever wants to be a manager of others, but want to become a better manager of himself or herself.


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