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Vegetable Salad

Vegetable Salad

1 Carrots, 100g
2 Turnips , 50g
3 French Beans, 50g
4 Peas, 50g
5 Vinaigrette, 1 table spoon
6 Mayonnaise or natural yogurt, 125ml, (1/4 pt)
7 Salt, Pepper to taste

1 Peel and wash the carrots and turnips
2 Cut into halves, cook separately in salted water
3 Refresh and drain well
4 Remove the top(head) and tail of the (green) beans
5 Cut into 0.5, cook, refresh and drain well
6 Mix all the vegetables with vinaigrette and mayonnaise
7 Season correctly and dress neatly
Now your vegetable salad is ready.
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