Personal Development Series

Personal Development Series

Welcome to,, whichever route you get here, you are still on the right track. We have decided to teach you and educate you on ‘Personal Development Series/Basic Success Principles’ .

Coming into this world is a mystery to every living soul. But how you live your lives is not a mystery but a choice. Some people were born in a successful empire, and with both golden and silver spoon at the both sides of their mouth with the option to chose which of the spoon to suck with.

Conversely, some were conceived, born, raised, matured to adulthood and live their entire lives in abject poverty, want, and sometimes, and unfortunately, die miserably! God have Mercy Oh!!

The question is why?

How to fine tune and handle your Financial IQ in 2018

The Poor Mentality about Money in ignorance Middle class reasoning and handle of money problems The Rich way of reasoning and their handle of money

Definition of leadership and style

Definition of leadership and style Charismatic Leadership style Transactional Leadership style
Transformational Leadership style Batavias Grave-yard in Dutch East India The worst enemy of man

Personal Development Series

Depression on the side of teenage, which is the predominant How to prepare for a successful marriage Family happiness and the society
Knowing the big how in life is important Have a concrete plan for the year Yearly goal is important, and this the way
On 18th September, 1979 the Ajaokuta Steel Company was formed 3 Steps to consider before risk taking in business The power of Pawpaw to the body
The dilemma of interpreting building regulation 2 major ways of persistence in life and business Hidden mystery of true wealth
Total trust and respect in marriage The worst enemy of man Conscious decision making
Limitation of positive thinking Human 5 basic needs you cannot avoid Take responsibility makes you take charge
The 2 avoidable and timing Mistake is good as eye opener There is time for every thing under the sun
6 ways to fine tune your realities through feelings 6 keys to open doors and success in life Success is not a rocket science, just master your field
Forget the past failures and forge ahead Guard your personal values jealously The right kind of pride to success
3 Steps for success in negotiating process 5 Importance of forgiveness Critical and tested truth about life
Behaviors and skills of leaders LEE LACCOCCA opinion of risk taking> The challenge, the success of Joseph Ehrenbogen

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