Personal Development Series

Personal Development Series

Welcome to Personal Development Series . This website is a place where self-realization  is achievable, because the truth about little, little things (habits/characters) why people fail in life and the way to adjust to live a happy, purposeful life  is echoed and reechoed times without number here. The challenge is left in your hand to pay the price so that you can live happily and fulfilled, irrespective of your race, color, gender and belief .

God the Creator created all for you to enjoy, and does not owe you so to speak. What you  need to do is to key into the already provided privileges  and posses your possession. Life on earth is too short to gamble with. Irrespective of conflicting history on statistics about human life span revealed at- 70, 100, or even 150 years is still relatively too short to live and waste without impact or trace on how you live it.

The  question like ‘why are some people accomplish much more in the same number of years than the great majority’? should constantly pop-up in your mind if you are going to get the kind of success that you really deserve.

It is no longer news that very few people started in life with many advantages. Oh yes, life may not have being  fair to you, and you may be contemplating giving up the race to success. Perhaps  you’ve tried several times and got knocked down by circumstances beyond your control, do you suspect a grand conspiracy or gang -up against you and your quest to be successful, and now wondering, what’s and where  these thunder and brimstone coming from? I want you to say to your self, ‘Although I may  have been knocked down, but not knocked out. I won’t throw up the towel, not after all the prices I’ve paid so far. Am still standing TALL on the INSIDE. I will make an impact in this single life I have to live. People must remember me for something good when am gone ( PHYSICAL  DEATH)’. It is this strong confessional statement with decisive action plan that guarantee remarkable break through in life. It is not a moon-light child-hood play, or tales/friction told us at the moon light by our fathers in the good old days to want be successful in life. This is not a movie, it is as real as you know you have ears at the sides of your head to hear, but doesn’t heavy you or function until you receive sound, then it’ll play its role. It is not a piece of cake I must stress further, because as  you are trying to build, there are forces left, right and center that will constitutes themselves as road blocks to your success, but a deliberate self-consciousness, saddled with some level of self-discipline will user you into your greatness. With self-discipline, you are indirectly saying to yourself and those who care to listen to you, by putting up an attitude that suggests to say: ‘Even if the enemy hits me with his best shot, his best will never be good enough. When it’s all said and done, when the smoke clears and the dust settles, I’m still going to be standing strong’. It is this kind of positive attitude that gives your enemy a nervous break down.

I want to encourage you to act as a fortune-teller in your life, because it is your life we are talking about here. How you think and talk about your situations matter a lot. When you confidently expect good things to happen, then good things automatically through certain degree of effort usually begins to happen to you, and vice visa.

Let me give my last remark before you start reading articles step by step. Trust less on people, and trust, work more on yourself, because your expectations have an inordinate effect on other people around you. Your attitude is determined by what you expect from people reflect your attitude right back at you like a mirror, consciously or Un—consciously.

Almost all the time, your belief about yourself play a vital role in your decision on who and what to believe as you may agree with me that your own beliefs acts like a set of filter which screen out information that is inconsistent with your own belief. Finally, your BASE of FACT or FALLACY are born out of prejudices, first and foremost, you rejects information that contradicts what you have already decided to believe or not believe.

Conclusively, as you read through my articles, please be open minded and read without biased intention and the website will do you great good and help develop your self.   Feel free to post your comment here on this website, and through my social media handlers too.

In summary,  I wish to say that the scope of this website covers topics on areas controllable by man such as, Wealth, Success and Money, Personal discovery with sub-conscious mind, Health habit and practice, Mortgage and finances, Investment , Business, Carrier, Leadership style, Relationship and Marriage, Spirituality, and of course world news of interesting events around the world. that can help you live happy and fulfilled in life.

The un-controllable forces or elements are left for nature to handle. Apprehension by the barrage of bad news on news websites and social media platforms leaves no one in doubt about uncertainty in the world. The rate of suicide among young and the celebrities are on the increase.  Last year, 2017 January to be precised, a group of Scientists declared that the world was just getting closer to the worst catastrophe ever in the history of mankind. The group used the symbolic Doomsday clock ti illustrate the mankind’s nearest to a global disaster. The clock’s minute hand was moved forward by 30 seconds to demonstrate their claim. What that meant was that the Doomsday clock merely set at two and half minutes to mid-night, closed to a global catastrophe than it was many years ago.

The experiment was revisited this year, 2018 by the scientists subject to plan for further evaluation to ascertain the claim.

With several other indications, it was clear that certain occurrence were beyond human control.

In the year 2014, the then President of United States of America, Barrack Obama made an observation that because of all the bad things reported in the press, many concluded ‘that the world is spinning…fast and no-body is able to control it.’

Ironically, as a human being, though Obama wished he could change the world for good and more habitable for all. He wish he could change and avert the global catastrophe, which was reflected in his body language and passionate speech about current strategies to fix many of the world’s problems confronting the world. He was very optimistic and described certain government initiative ‘good news’ He  stressed, he was ‘fundamentally hopeful’ and profoundly optimistic.’ One thing I learned from his observation. No matter how powerful, religious you are, there are certain forces you cannot control/change(THE NATURE) .

Scientists claimed to have made their impact felt through research and intention of technologies with provable advancements on it to prove to the world that they can fix the world if more research is carried out. The Scientists claimed and boasted that their capacity to counter the challenge of the world was overwhelming. ‘Our technology will be a thousand times more powerful and by 2045, it will be a million times more powerful.’

It is a common trends to hear some Scientists, religious bodies and even politicians, preach a hopeful messages to the world, but such messages have not given the world a sure affirmation to actually address the uncertainty people still feel due to the below forces:


Recently, there was tsunamis of hurricane in Texas and Florida. The duo were most hit and hurt by the economic body blow from hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These forces of nature adversely affected or killed people uncontrollably


Although, this was supposed to form part of the above forces or factors that could be controlled by man, because this is largely a man-made problems that could be avoided. However, due to negligence, people sometimes indulge in several activities and actions that poses grave danger to primarily, our health and the overall human existence from our environment.


The United Nations with other concerned organizations are trying, but are yet to bring about nuclear disarmament

SEE YOU ON TOP. Keep reading on.

Coming into this world is a mystery to every living soul. But how you live your lives is not a mystery but a choice. Some people were born in a successful empire, and with both golden and silver spoon at the both sides of their mouth with the option to chose which of the spoon to suck with.

Conversely, some were conceived, born, raised, matured to adulthood and live their entire lives in abject poverty, want, and sometimes, and unfortunately, die miserably! God have Mercy Oh!!

The question is why?

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